Month: April 2006

Find of the Month – April 2006

This is a new feature prompted by a real find. On reading The myth of “keeping up” on the Creating Passionate Users blog you are directed to Joe Wikert’s Book Publisher and eContent Blog. And a darn fine blog it is too.

For those interested in a career in publishing he has a great section that defines positions within the industry for example The Acquisitions Editor’s Role. It’s worth reading and so are the posts on Authors and Development Editors and a host of tips for authors.

The blog is crammed with great content and well worth visiting and digging through!

Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 30/04/2006

A really quality article on reading and unrealistic goals and The myth of “keeping up”!:

Browsing the blog of The Institute for the Future of the Book I read over details of their forthcoming Sophie project and its well worth looking at and pondering:

Normally I like to give three links but today is Sunday, tomorrow is a Bank Holiday and I am tired!

Tim O’Reilly’s Archive on Publishing

I have been looking through the really excellent blog and site O’Reilly Radar.

The site is the blog of O’Reilly Publishers who are one of the largest Computer Book Publishers in the USA. By far the most interesting aspect of all of this is that because of their involvement in computers and publishing their perspective on the future direction of publishing is well advanced of many others and items I have seen discussed recently have been mentioned in their posts and archives many months or years ago. It is well worth taking an hour or so to look over the publishing archive of Tim O’Reilly the founder which can be found: Here. One of the best posts in the mix is this one called Beyond The Book which dates from 2000.

I recommend reading as many as you have time for! It’s a treasure trove of thought provoking ideas and comment.

Purpose-Driven Media

It’s only as you explore that you find ideas that will engage you and expose some of your assumptions for what they are.

There is a quality post on O’Reilly Radar about Purpose Driven Media.

Read the post but follow the discussion also and do, if you can (its behind a subscription wall), read the NYT article it links to.

I would draw your attention to a comment by “Brock” which I think challenges the basic reasoning and hype that the article and post are supporting:

Basically, there are two schools of though. Assuming a widget which costs $3 to make, and which customers are willing to pay as much as $10 for, how much do you charge. One school charges $3.15 to cover their costs and make a small profit. The rest of the value of the product goes to the customer. School #2 charges $9.99, maximising profit to the widget-maker.

It really is amazing what’s said and written online these days.

Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 27/04/2006

A great aggregating site for news on publishing from all angles. Worth reading everyday, if you have the time (which you should). visit it:

The site of one of my favourite sci-fi publishing units, Tor. yes I am afraid I have a tendency to read High Fantasy and Science Fiction. The FAQ’s are worth reading in detail if you are interested in submitting a book for publication. Anyway its:

The BBC is re-organising itself. At least that’s what they announced yesterday. They also released the “experimental prototype” database of their 1 million past and present BBC Programmes. It’s limited but excellent: