More Publishing & Book News

I posted yesterday about how Borders were selling a new Sony e-reader well by some accounts Barnes & Noble will pass on the device.

The full story is here.

If you read my post you will know that I am not too suprised though I do think that a device as coolly design and slick looking as an ipod would covert a good bunch of people. Most readers though will hold off until they have no choice but to use e-readers.

The fundamental problem with e-readers is that they are a product looking to fill a gap that does not exist. Technologist may not like it but for most purposes books work. This is expecially true for fiction. Non- Fiction may benefit from being easily searchable and in digital format but usually the reader of fiction doesn’t need to constantly switch back and forth between pages of sections. (Except maybe for complicated Murder Mysteries) Until that changes I think e-readers probably won’t make serious headway.

One other thing that will have to change is the pricing. I was on Bloomsbury’s website and their e-books are very expensive (Around the regular softback price £7.99/€11.99). Now an e-book avoids the majority of the raw material production cost for a publisher so charging such a high price seems unfair to me and certainly bad value for the reader.

Still no fear of me buying an e-reader soon with the current price looking like $300-$400 I would rather buy 30 or 40 books.

Rocketboom & the Chevy Tahoe

For those of you who don’t watch Rocketboom vlog everyday you really should start doing so! It is excellent, often very funny and delightfully subversive.

They recently auctioned advertising on ebay and got a ton of cash for it! Lets hope it keeps fine!

Just in case you are wondering where the subversive part kicks in see their collection of Chevy Tahoe Ads here. (Or just watch a few episodes) Now I tend to think that Chevy and their marketing people saw the down and up side to the negative publicity that would be forthcoming on this one and went with it anyway.

I hardly think that a person thinking of buying an SUV is suddenly going to realise that they are gas guzzlers, environmentally unfriendly and vaguely useless in an urban environment not to mention potentially dangerous just because some people who do not like SUVs made some negative ads. In fact some fo the ads are actually funny which if anything increases the brands cool factor.