Rocketboom & the Chevy Tahoe

For those of you who don’t watch Rocketboom vlog everyday you really should start doing so! It is excellent, often very funny and delightfully subversive.

They recently auctioned advertising on ebay and got a ton of cash for it! Lets hope it keeps fine!

Just in case you are wondering where the subversive part kicks in see their collection of Chevy Tahoe Ads here. (Or just watch a few episodes) Now I tend to think that Chevy and their marketing people saw the down and up side to the negative publicity that would be forthcoming on this one and went with it anyway.

I hardly think that a person thinking of buying an SUV is suddenly going to realise that they are gas guzzlers, environmentally unfriendly and vaguely useless in an urban environment not to mention potentially dangerous just because some people who do not like SUVs made some negative ads. In fact some fo the ads are actually funny which if anything increases the brands cool factor.

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