Pulse, RSS and innovation in publishing!

In my puntering across the web today I was guided by fate to the website for the book Pulse and I am amazed and loving it.

The essence of the site is to promote Pulse the new book by Robert Frenay, you can see his biog here. It’s how it is doing the promoting that is so exciting.

You can subscribe to the sites RSS feed and get sent daily segments of the books.
From the site:

The online version of Pulse is a networked book. It’s easy to explore, filled with relevant links to other sites, and it’s connected to the Internet.

Read the whole book on this site, with posts twice daily and once a day on weekends, now until November 6, 2006. (Can’t wait? Buy Pulse)

Just click home to see the lastest post, or start with the first one.

Or subscribe to get the posts by email or RSS. Jump in or start at the beginning!

The essence of the book is being given away free. I for one am taking advantage of it. It will be interesting to see how this works. Perhaps it will whet the appetities of thousands of readers. Perhaps it will not and perhaps most people will just say “What is RSS?” Then again perhaps it will be the start of the ereader surge I confidently forecast against last week.

Oral History for the Web enabled age

I recently came across Evoca (via Techcrunch an awesome site). Not only is it a simply excellent and easy way to great audio content it also has an incredible offering of local history and oral history already on board.

For instance the Georgia Historical society has a page with some 18 clips so far. It also runs a Savannah Historic Preservation Project page to which people upload their thoughts, ideas and perspectives. The opportunities offered by this really simple technology roll out is impressive and while it’s not strictly book related or publishing related it is history related so I feel justified.

A site well worth visiting. I look forward to seeing more varied oral history content soon.