Purpose-Driven Media

It’s only as you explore that you find ideas that will engage you and expose some of your assumptions for what they are.

There is a quality post on O’Reilly Radar about Purpose Driven Media.

Read the post but follow the discussion also and do, if you can (its behind a subscription wall), read the NYT article it links to.

I would draw your attention to a comment by “Brock” which I think challenges the basic reasoning and hype that the article and post are supporting:

Basically, there are two schools of though. Assuming a widget which costs $3 to make, and which customers are willing to pay as much as $10 for, how much do you charge. One school charges $3.15 to cover their costs and make a small profit. The rest of the value of the product goes to the customer. School #2 charges $9.99, maximising profit to the widget-maker.

It really is amazing what’s said and written online these days.