Day: June 1, 2006

Scott Karp on Google and the Long Tail.

It seems to be the day for bashing gatekeepers and those who act as the new masters of published content.

Scott Karp has a fine post on how the worm might turn. From the post:

What if the Google proletariat were to suddenly rise up en masse and throw off the yoke of AdSense?

What if the masses of sites that only make a few bucks a day off of Google decide that the chump change isn’t worth being complicit in supporting Google’s hegemony?

What if we all tell AdSense to take a frigging hike and stop living off us like leeches?

To misquote Morrissey: Content producers of the world, unite and take over!

I’ve taken down my PPC ads for a day in protest — care to join and see what happens?


Find of the Month – June 2006

I know it is only 1st June. I know it’s early to select a site for a month that has hardly begun but this one is well worth it. I read about Bloglines new Blogsearch today on Techcrunch and decided to check its ability.

I launched a search for feeds with just the word publishing and discovered Pod-Dy Mouth. Its tone is irreverent, its content entertaining and its subject fascinating. Here is a flavour from the about page:

So, why am I here? To tell you about an entire world of books we are all missing: self-published titles—specifically, POD titles.

For those who do not know, about four years ago the self-publishing world took an awkward and potentially regrettable turn: Publishing on Demand. This means anyone with a word processor and a few hundred bucks can create a book that can be distributed on Amazon, and various other online venues without having to pre-print a single book (at an inflated price—about $3 to $5 more per trade paperback.)

And some more from the most recent post:

Do you see? Vetting is much like torture. I want you guys to pick up the phone and call your agents and thank them for doing this miserable job. Editors have it easy; everything they get has already been cherry-picked and they would (probably) never have to suffer through the examples I listed above–because an agent somewhere did his or her job and found something better.

Next time you finish a book you absolutely loved, the kind of book you rush to tell your friends about, thank an agent–because, other than writing the book, the agent did the hardest part: They found it.

I do not know how I missed this; apparently it has been reviewed or at least mentioned in:

Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Dallas Morning News, the LA Times and Publishers Lunch.

Anyway! Go read, enjoy and maybe, just maybe get yourself one of those hidden treasures.