Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 12/06/06

It is always nice to see someone you respect blogging and Richard Waghorne is a man I respect an awful lot. I found his blog two or three days ago and he has out posted me to link to me first! If you haven’t read Richard’s Sicilian Notes yet you should start now!

The tutors and graduate students of UCD’s School of History have started an online blog for History papers. Its well worth reading some with paper son Islam, Medieval Expansion of Europe and Irish America in the 19th Century.

One more story on e-newspapers. They are coming you know, well at least according to the Washington Post.

3 thoughts on “Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 12/06/06

  1. Too bad RWaghorne does not permit comments on his blog. He would earn greater street cred among the elder statesmen of the blogging world if he engaged in conversation instead of one-way punditry.

  2. What is happening to the future of publishing you ask? It is in my opinion an industry that looks to hard at how to wring the greatest dollar amount from the consumer and is as of late providing the least back. Case in point, it is so very hard to find anything but generalities at my local Chapters. Is that because the public only wants to read fluff? I dont know. Is it the struggling publishers fault? Probably not, no doubt they are just trying to make sound economic decisions so do I have an answer? No I suppose not – you would know better than me.

    The problem is likely some global trend that influences the actions of the people – technology, decreasing concentration span of the reader, smaller profit margin, dispersal of the publishing house over an entire continent, printing in China. Ah I have just confused myself, Its past my bedtime. Maybe you have the answer. Mick

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