The Guardian Brings e-news one step closer

The Guardian is launching a new A4 sized downloadable and printable PDF called G24. There is a Guardian media story here. (You may need to register) From the piece:

The Guardian is launching a new service providing readers with a rapid overview of news that will be updated every 15 minutes.

G24 will be a free service featuring news content from the Guardian Unlimited website across five areas: general news, international, economics, sport and media.

Users will be able to log on to Guardian Unlimited and download an eight to 12-page A4 PDF document, which can then be printed off. They can select any of the five news streams.

It takes to a whole new level the idea of printing a ticket you bought online. But an excellent level. You can see a preview copy Here.

I can see this as the basis for a more important service. This is updatable news and once paper goes electronic and has wireless internet access it will be portable updatable new. The Guardian really is the innovators in news in the new era. I wonder who the Book Publisher Equivalent is?

Update: Jeff Jarvis wonders over two posts about the moves by the Guardian and Times to move into the US and their return to paper.



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