Day: June 30, 2006

Google Book Search and the author

Inside Google Book Search has a funny little post today called: A New Chapter For Authors.

From that:

The book sold above expectations when it was first published in 2002. But three years later, after Foote decided to include it in Book Search, she had a wave of new orders, and started getting email from readers she wasn’t able to reach before.

Google is holding itself out as a great tool for authors, and in truth it is. Its search capacity is amzing. I just hope that it remains one of a number of options for authors and not the only option going forward.

Its all about marketing

The more I work in this industry the more one key feature comes to the fore, marketing. People don’t really NEED books. That is a sad reality. There is no reason for 1000 or 20,000 or 2,000,000 people to buy any book.

A book will not help them to breathe and work and walk and talk and sing and swim or to do any of the things that people do from day to day. It will not make them rich (though it might inspire them to become rich). It will not provide them with food or drink. People, in short, need a reason to buy a book.

It is a concept to remind yourself of every single day if you intend to get involved in the publishing industry. if you cannot create a reason for a book to be bought then there will be no sales. Every book cover must suggest itself to the buying public as a potential purchase and indeed must compete with the other “essential” and “non-essential” products that that consumer could buy.

And a cover is not enough. You can have a pretty cover that misses the mark and an ugly cover that connects with a potential buyer. You can have a book that to the elite appears predictable and clunky but raises the pulse of the majority of readers.

For no other reason than its exceptional marketing you should admire Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. It has created millions of purchases and a global hit. Even reaching one percent of the sales it has racked up would be an incredible achievement for most books.

By far the majority of discussion on the web seems to be about how to publish books, either how to get your book taken on board by a large publisher or the best way to self-publish. But if one does not consider the importance of marketing and with that marketing, effective distribution, then you may as well burn your money. That goes for your choice of publishing firm too if you do decide to go with a traditional publisher. If they have no defined plans for publicity, your book may well sink amid the large numbers of books published each year in all major markets.