Find of the Month – July 2006

It is a somewhat quiet day but I thought I would add to the chorus of support for Librarything.

At first the idea did not appeal much to me. I logged in and created an account but did not really pursue it. Only when Richard Charkin’s Blog and Joe Wikert’s Blog both pushed it last week that I actually spent some time on the site and found that I was addicted.

The site allows you to build your own personal bookshelf much as I have been trying to on my (I now know) deeply unimpressive bookshelf page. It is easy using the features to tag, review and change details of edition for any given book. It is also very easy to search Amazon and public libraries for other books and critically to search other members’ catalogues. This is not only a great way to see how strange or mundane your library is but also to discover new titles, recall old titles that you have read and forgotten and to find new authors.

I can see a few ways in which the site could be improved. the search function is excellent but I seem to be only able to add one book per search which is frustrating if I own multiple books by an author, or multiple books in a single subject. Overall though the site is wonderful and cheap. It costs only $25.00 to host all your titles for life, $10 to store them for a year, or you can opt for 200 titles for free!

UPDATE: 12.45 The Libraything link is acting funny. I am trying to correct it. Thanks to Lee for letting me know.
UPDATE: 12.50 Should be functioning properly now.
UPDATE: 00.13 It seems everyone has been here before me but I guess that’s the web for you. Before you search it you think you are pioneer and when you do search it you discover that in fact you are part of a globally distributed network of strangely likeminded people.