Blog changes

Some of you may have noticed that I have made a few changes to the blog. I finally added a policies page. Just in case anyone wonders why I am blogging, or who I am blogging for (myself) it is all there. I also changed my theme to the newest one wordpress have as I really like the clean style and the highlighting of comments at the top of each post beneath the header.

I also added an e-mail address for the blog so that anyone who would rather not comment can send an e-mail! It’s

I hope too that it all makes the site look a little better!

3 thoughts on “Blog changes

  1. As a matter of interest do you get many replies or comments I do notice this Cas Stavert appearing a few times?
    Also by the way that book about the English guy who went all over the world and died penniless whatever happened to the Autotyography he wrote? that would be worth a read

    Paddy P.

  2. I have to admit a little part of the professional Eoin has been searching the internet to find a copy for reprinting!
    I am happy with the volume of comments at the moment because the level is low enough that I can monitor and respond fairly easily which is good news. All the same more commenst are always welcome

  3. Eoin — I do so like this new look. In fact, I was about to email you and tell you it was a bit difficult to see comments on the template you were using before. Too late, you’ve already fixed it. Best, BL

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