Content marketplace – Mochila

Joe Wikert’s Blog today sent me in the direction of a new content marketplace called Mochila, that he suggests might be a good model for book publishers to use.

While it may sound more like a new coffee construction from Starbucks than a marketplace for Articles, Audio, Video and Photos Mochila seems to have a number of factors working in its favour. The model is nicely described in the graphic below from the website. Editors and publishers offer content for sale, other editors buy it and advertisers advertise alongside it. Everyone wins and everyone is happy.

Joe mentions the key area where book publishers could take advantage of this feature:

Book publishers could leverage a platform like this as well. Think of the potential to extend the long tail on a rich backlist. Content could be parcelled out by the chapter and pricing could be low enough to attract more customers thanks to the advertising subsidies that are built in to the Mochila system. Publishers would of course pass along a cut of both the core revenue and the advertising revenue to the author.

What continues to amaze me is that these new ventures and start-ups offering new innovations and possibilities are from beyond the traditional publishing system. It is so clear now that publishing needs to react and to do so quickly but the major publishers (And the small ones too) seem to be followers rather than innovators.