The power of brand

My recent series on change in publishing was insistent on Publishers moving up the chain and becoming more about the branding and marketing of writers (who knows perhaps an even more select few than currently) and two things provide great illumination to that theory today.

The first is a negative post (in the sense that it casts doubt on the concept) and is on Buzz, Balls and Hype here.

The second is the arrival of penguin into the blogosphere as I pointed to yesterday. The really interesting thing here is that attention is almost automatically being drawn to it. The brand power that is Penguin (And Pearson behind it) cannot be ignored. It is a great example of how no mater how entrenched early adopters may seem; old world brands have an ability to simply grab attention in new fields.

There are already half a dozen comments and a few links to the site! I should think that if they post weekly, by Christmas they will be one of the most linked to and mentioned publishing blogs on the web. Just look at what The Big bad Book Blog has managed to do in very little time.