Target and books

I remember reading somewhere (tried to track it down but cannot) that 75% of people would buy more books (or even one) in a supermarket if the selection was greater.

Well I was in Target, Evanston Illinois last night (if you don’t enjoy late night Friday shopping then you would not enjoy a Target at 9.30pm Friday) and was amazed at their selection. It was huge compared to any supermarket/department store I have been in. And what is more I bought a book, I nearly bought more too.

The proudly purcahsed book was David McCullough’s 1776 which I have been planning to buy for ages. I got the paperback at $14.00 or so which although more expensive than Amazon is a damn sight chesper than most bookstores.

I very nearly bought the complete set of Narnia book stoo but thought I could affor dto wait on those if I ordered them over the web. Their selection was good, the atmosphere decent and the ability to browse freely was welcome. In short I think I proved the research correct.

Happy with books

3 thoughts on “Target and books

  1. Thanks Francis,

    I doubt the selection is not what it was. It is however a considerable improvement from the selection on supermarkets in Ireland! Nice editoirial there too!

  2. In Australia you can buy books in Target and K-Mart for 33% off the r.r.p. but I find myself buying books in bookshops much more often because I prefer the ambiance (and I impulse buy like mad). In Australia, Target and K-Mart don’t sell food (apart from sweets) so I don’t go in there as often as I would an ordinary supermarket. If my usual supermarket started selling a substantial selection of reasonably-priced books I might have to lock myself away.

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