LibraryThing gets even better

LibraryThing is the most innovatibe “Book Thing” I have seen in years.

Compare its massive appeal with the paltry efforts of say HaperCollins’ Search Inside attempt, or the blogging efforts of the rival publishing houses and conglomorates. LibraryThing (though as I learned on my initial posting, I am a late convert) is jammed with innovative features and filled with possibilities for book promotion passive or otherwise. In one sense I am glad it is unhindered by affliation as in the hands of a publisher it would surely be doomed.

Today they have officially launched their new Talk feature and discussed the challenges of forum software (and not just their forum but all forum). I have to say forums are one of my hates. Slow, clunky and rarely worth the effort of wading through I really only converted to online discussion with the arrival of Gmail and its exceptional conversation view. That made being involved in discussion so much easy as the entire strand was in a verticle colum on a single page in my inbox, perused at my leisure, I loved it. I hope that Talk enables me to enjoy LibraryThing’s forum and opens discussion on some of the books I love.

LibraryThing continues to amaze me. I look forward to seeing more features from an already feature stacked product.

Fearing the return home

4 thoughts on “LibraryThing gets even better

  1. Ok, I’ve resisted libraryThiing up until now but your comment about forums really struck home – I detest them, and, lacking the least intuition for these things, can never orient myself in them. Where’s the discussion? I’m perpetually asking. If LibraryThing has actually cracked this problem, then I’m very curious to visit it.

  2. Hmm, I’d never heard of Library Thing before reading your post. I just clicked through via the link here and think it sounds pretty interesting. “MySpace for books,” huh? I think I’ll give it a try! Thanks for the tip.

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