Oh there’s life in the old dog yet

Richard Charkin
I enjoy reading Richard Charkin because he seems to take life at face value and enjoy its little perks when they are offered. He also has a tendency to post some amusing litle bits on Firday’s. Today is no different. Check it out here.

The Long Tail
I am working on a series of posts on The Long Tail by Chris Anderson which I bought while on holiday and read from cover to cover in two days. A number of sections struck me as very relevant to writers in the web era so that will be the lead off for the series, there will be three other posts, one on the role of technology and the Long Tail, one on publishers and a wrap up. I am sure the series will be less organised than this sounds so don’t be entirely suprised if it strays!

Lemann & The New Yorker
My attention has been drawn to an article from the New Yorker which I have read. While I dislike the tone and superioirity thats prevades it, there is muct to like because it raises interesting questions and challenges some quite foolish notions about “citizen Journalism” without, I belive, killing the concept iself. It comes with the recommendation of a very fine authority who tells me it is well worth the effort of reading. So go read it Here. (I might point out that it can be read free online and has thus probably will have been read more than if it were just trapped in the pages of The New Yorker, a benefit of online mainstream journalism that seems curiously absent from the piece).

Washington Post Blogroll
Last, but by far not least, in an example of how media can work together to everyones benefit, the Washington Post have launched a sponsored blogroll feature. Micropersuasion has more Here.

Expecting a good weekend