Never look a gift horse in the mouth

So the wordpress folks offered up a wonderful addition to the service: Odeo Embeds

This is really a great resource not least because there are some incredible podcasts available on Odeo. First out of the gate I should say that you simply won’t have time to listen to them all so pick with care, if the shows have RSS feeds, subrscribe with a feed reader that handles RSS enclosures and then choose with some discrimination.

I thought though I would highlight one or two very decent shows you could think about. One that is well worth listening to is The Writing Show and if you listen to the podcast below you will see why it is so useful.

NPR Books is also one of the quality podcasts available on Odeo.
The Penguin Podcasts can be found there too.
For some Auzzie flavour you could look to: Books & Writing

My personal favourite (yes I am something of a nerd) is Bookstore Tourism Podcast. I am pretty sure I have mentioned Bookstore Tourism but just in case I ahve not the homepage for the idea and concept and book is here and the blog here.

Really there is so much out there it is unreal! Much like the blog world it can be hard to find the quality!

Enjoy the search

To all e-reader doubters everywhere

Turning Tides

The SnowBooks chairman (introduced as just Rob which is nice) has an excellent post on snowblog today. It basically takes the major attacks on e-readers and turns them on their heads. Some points are nicely made too, like:

Complaint: You’ll never get rid of paper books completely.

Answer: Sure. Of course. Why would you? But even selling 30% of new novels electronically would represent a huge shift in the publishing market – and there’s every reason to think it will happen.

Generally a timely post and one I tend very much to agree with. It is also interesting to note that the New York Times’ futurist feels kinda the same way and has some very interesting perspectives like this:

IWM: You helped co-found Outside magazine in 1977. If you were launching a magazine today, what would you do different?

Rogers: Even if my primary goal was a print magazine, I’d build it from the ground up as a Web site first. I’ve done it both ways, and it’s far easier to turn a digital property into a magazine or book than vice versa.

See what I mean?

Enjoying the rainy days almost as much as the sunny ones.

Comics & the digitisation of content

Comics On the Web

The International Herald Tribune has a fascinating article today about comics and how the web and digitisation is revolutionising the industry. The most interesting section up front is this:

What Rosenberg is calling the “quiet revolution,” the digital impact on previously print-only content, reflects similar pressures on other traditional media. Comic books, which have appealed almost exclusively to children and young adult readers – more likely to be lured to electronic entertainment than their parents’ generation – have been especially hard hit, with sales declining and press runs growing more costly.

Web to Print

But the really interesting stuff comes later on. For instance:
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How very interesting

Well this is interesting. The e-mail below dropped into my inbox the other day and I thought I would throw it up for people to see and have them visit the site too:

Hi i came across your blog. I am working on putting together a means of
communication for ottakars staff via
My idea is to get an input on how other booksellers feel with a view of
using people power to have a say within waterstones.
Let me know if you are interested in helping me put this site together.
Check it out so far.
All the best.


Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 22/09/06

The news doesn’t look too good for print news. If you have read many of my posts on this topic you will know that I don’t fully buy the whole print will die thing. Radio has not gone anywhere. Sure it’s not the force it was at it height but it still makes money and has adapted (Albeit painfully) to the new reality. Still this post from The Editors Weblog [via Buzzmachine] is interesting because it gives a French perspective and one particular Frenchman: Arnaud Lagadère.

Seems like a lot of news to down the spirits of journalists. Though this news, I think, should really cheer them up. has been given a $100,000 financing gift by Reuters. Looks like the project will definitely float now which is exciting.
Here & Here

Jennifer Jackson has an interesting post today about connections, agent vs. author time and some other stuff all riffing off a post she highlights. Both are worth reading.
Here & Here

Find of the Month

Just read two posts by Bloglily which I can only describe as some of the best blog posts ever. One of the great things about WordPress is that it has an exciting and vibrant set of bloggers who are deeply into writing, prose and literature. Ranging from Litlove’s Tales from the Reading Room to Bloglily’s site there is so much on offer. I have decided today that Bloglily is my Find of the Month for September 2006.
Because she is so full of enthusiasm for everyone’s work, because her discussion is free and open and elegant, because she never disappoints with a post and because her encouragement and spirit are inspirational to everyone.
Go visit BL Here.

Catching my breath