The Ultimate Book Lovers’ How To

How to get on a Librarian’s little list by the Singing Librarian.
It really is genius for example one of my fabourites:

8. Inappropriate eaters. You don’t much your sandwiches in a library. You just don’t. Particularly not if there are rare or valuable books around. Take a break and sit outside! Many, many items have been damaged in libraries due to mayonnaise drippings or fizzy drink spillages. Bottled water is OK, but people just don’t think. A sure way to arouse the fury of a member of library staff is to let them catch you in the reading rooms with a pasta salad, a full cup of coffee or a pizza which has been sneakily delivered through the window. Yes, it does happen.

I doubt there is any book lover who will dislike this list but if there is so be it!

Celebrity Author Madness

A few links on writing and writers I found in my travels
Though it should probably be posted as a links post I thought I would mix it up a little and do a strangely titled links post for the fun of Friday. If you are bitter then I am sorry*!

Scribe’s Writing Desk:
Written by an Australian (don’t let that put you off, it’s fantastic) the section of real interest should be the Submissions section and the other resources on the site. I have been surfing around the Australian Blog scene a little recently and I am thinking of writing a much more extensive post in it as its huge and I don’t see too much reference to it either in the Uk or the US. Still that’s unnecessary baggage for now. Go read Scribe’s Writing Desk Here.

The Blank Page:
Script writers seem to be thin on the ground but this site is a great resource for any budding screenplay writers and readers. Enjoy.

George R.R. Martin:
Now this is distinctly “Not a Blog” but George R.R. Martin may just be (He is running neck and neck with Steven Erikson) at the top of my list of talented authors. I enjoy the way he updates people on his books too!

*Sorry about the lying post title but in my world George R.R. Martin is a celebrity, I am pretty sure I would be tongue tied if I met him!