The Ultimate Book Lovers’ How To

How to get on a Librarian’s little list by the Singing Librarian.
It really is genius for example one of my fabourites:

8. Inappropriate eaters. You don’t much your sandwiches in a library. You just don’t. Particularly not if there are rare or valuable books around. Take a break and sit outside! Many, many items have been damaged in libraries due to mayonnaise drippings or fizzy drink spillages. Bottled water is OK, but people just don’t think. A sure way to arouse the fury of a member of library staff is to let them catch you in the reading rooms with a pasta salad, a full cup of coffee or a pizza which has been sneakily delivered through the window. Yes, it does happen.

I doubt there is any book lover who will dislike this list but if there is so be it!

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Book Lovers’ How To

  1. Who on earth are these people with the pizzas being delivered through the window? Have they never heard of the concept of studying in a cafe when you need to read and eat a meal at the same time? By the way, the combined pleasures of reading and eating are one of the things I truly enjoy, but only when done (a) at home or (b) at the aforementioned cafe. And only when the book being read is my own and the occasional drip of tea isn’t going to be of any consequence.

  2. I’m glad my list is liked – check out the follow-up song version in my next post if you like that sort of thing!

    It really is bizarre what people will do in a library. We used to have a video viewing room for groups, and one night when locking up we found half a cheese sandwich and a pair of knickers in there! Sneaky pizza deliveries seemed quite tame after that…

  3. When I was in college I did hear rumours of some very daring/strange people who got some thrill from doing strange things in strange places!

    I just never really thought that the rumours from the library were true! I guess I was wrong!

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