Penguin don’t get it

I am pretty disappointed now.

Penguin came back today at the critics. This at least is a good show. But instead of taking on board the criticism they are resisting.

It seems a little foolish. The idea is clearly excellent but the execution is terrible and that is the origin of most complaints. It is not that anyone doubts the concept merely the cost the exclusivity and the limitations of the idea.

I am sure this program will however be a success because it is limited. I was just hoping for more!

Still sick, still frustrated

5 thoughts on “Penguin don’t get it

  1. Poor Eoin! I didn’t realise you were poorly (it’s this every other day rhythm – still not used to it!). I do hope you are looking after yourself and finding suitable entertainment to distract you. The fallout over the Penguin installments is quite amusing in itself, and may lift your spirits a little. I’m quite fond of reading to people who are feeling poorly and I’m only sorry I live too far away to nip over and put the kettle on for you and treat you to a chapter of a good book.

  2. hey Litlove,
    I am mostly recovered. Taking today very easily and hopefully will be back in the swing of it tomorrow!
    It’s my own fault really, too much work, a bit too much play and not enough rest left me too run down to fight off a little cold but there you go!

  3. WRT the serialisation of a book, wouldn’t a better way be to serialise it on a subscription, login site on penguin and then sell the final version paperback at a preferential rate to the registered users who have enjoyed it.

    1. People read it and spread the word to non registered people that they should buy it when it appears for the general market.

    2. Penguin get to test market it at a very low cost to a group of keen readers.

    3. They don’t have to go to the expense of printing “unique beautifully bound paperback delivered to you personally” in order to enjoy this “wonderful, unique way to read this book”.

    4. They don’t leave people feeling ripped off if the book is substandard.

    5. If it’s any goo people will want to buy a copy to keep.

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