Sunday Shakedown & Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 10/09/06

The Links:

I thought (given my recent praise of Miss Snark) that listing a few of the agents I have stumbled onto on the web might be worthwhile. Jennifer Jackson has an interesting blog and a nice site and she works with the Donald Mass Agency.

Pub Rants is a very nice blog by Kristin Nelson.

Rachel Varter works in New York with Lowenstein-Yost Associates and writes a blog (with a great entry on text length [one of my secret bugbears] from the end of August which I meant to link to but forgot) on livejournal.

I really like DesignObserver and I think many people will too. But don’t just take my word. Go read.

Some nice points by a user and a nice writer’s blog.

The Shakedown:

Monday 4th September 2006: They build you up just to drop right down again
Tuesday 5th September: Penguin Don’t get it
Wednesday 6th September 2006: Google News Archive! This is very important
Saturday 9th September 2006: Books aint broke
Sunday 10th September 2006: MASSIVE Google Book Search News

MASSIVE Goggle Book Search News

Wow how the hell did I miss this? And why was there not more chat about it? The long and the short of it is that one publisher DIANE Publishing has opened their entire list on Google Book Search to the public:

Good news for policymakers, researchers and others looking for key government documents. Recently, DIANE Publishing, which reprints a wide variety of government publications, made all of its titles in Google Book Search 100 percent viewable. While the Partner Program’s default settings limit people to viewing 20 percent of any title, you’re now free to read every page of every DIANE publication in the index.

The rationale is given by Herman Baron, the President of DIANE Publishing, on the post on Inside Google Book Search:

Our mission has always been to carefully select U.S. government reports and publish them to make it easier for readers to access this valuable information. Google Book Search provides a way for us to make these documents available to Google users worldwide. The free flow of government information to a democratic society is utmost in our mind. We’re pleased to offer everything from the U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Policy and Strategy to a 1997 House committee hearing on Protecting the Future of Social Security to this GAO report on deterring the illegal diamond trade.

Now I think this is great news. It was only a matter of time before a publisher made a decision like this. Will it result in more book sales? I guess time will tell. I expect one way or the other to see more publishers following suit over the next while.

Happy and excited by this development