Sunday Shakedown & Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 10/09/06

The Links:

I thought (given my recent praise of Miss Snark) that listing a few of the agents I have stumbled onto on the web might be worthwhile. Jennifer Jackson has an interesting blog and a nice site and she works with the Donald Mass Agency.

Pub Rants is a very nice blog by Kristin Nelson.

Rachel Varter works in New York with Lowenstein-Yost Associates and writes a blog (with a great entry on text length [one of my secret bugbears] from the end of August which I meant to link to but forgot) on livejournal.

I really like DesignObserver and I think many people will too. But don’t just take my word. Go read.

Some nice points by a user and a nice writer’s blog.

The Shakedown:

Monday 4th September 2006: They build you up just to drop right down again
Tuesday 5th September: Penguin Don’t get it
Wednesday 6th September 2006: Google News Archive! This is very important
Saturday 9th September 2006: Books aint broke
Sunday 10th September 2006: MASSIVE Google Book Search News

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