For the Doubters

I know you are out there!
I also know many of you really disliked the tone of my recent post on how to get published. One of the more pessimistic comments I got said:

I know many writers (self included ) who have judiciously followed every one of your steps – and still remain unpublished. I think the reality there is, keep on writing, keep on perfecting your craft, keeping on submitting material – and be realistic – certain markets are overcrowded – every man and his dog wants to write the “next Harry Potter”.
The thing is it’s a long road and it takes time. I once read that it can take, on average, ten years for a writer to be published.
If you don’t have perseverance and self belief, I don’t think the writing game is one you’d want to be in.

I tend to agree a little but I feel strongly that there is hope for many and the post confirms that!

Well below the fold is the link I think you will like/hate and a cartoon everyone will enjoy . . .
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