Comics & the digitisation of content

Comics On the Web

The International Herald Tribune has a fascinating article today about comics and how the web and digitisation is revolutionising the industry. The most interesting section up front is this:

What Rosenberg is calling the “quiet revolution,” the digital impact on previously print-only content, reflects similar pressures on other traditional media. Comic books, which have appealed almost exclusively to children and young adult readers – more likely to be lured to electronic entertainment than their parents’ generation – have been especially hard hit, with sales declining and press runs growing more costly.

Web to Print

But the really interesting stuff comes later on. For instance:
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How very interesting

Well this is interesting. The e-mail below dropped into my inbox the other day and I thought I would throw it up for people to see and have them visit the site too:

Hi i came across your blog. I am working on putting together a means of
communication for ottakars staff via
My idea is to get an input on how other booksellers feel with a view of
using people power to have a say within waterstones.
Let me know if you are interested in helping me put this site together.
Check it out so far.
All the best.