How very interesting

Well this is interesting. The e-mail below dropped into my inbox the other day and I thought I would throw it up for people to see and have them visit the site too:

Hi i came across your blog. I am working on putting together a means of
communication for ottakars staff via
My idea is to get an input on how other booksellers feel with a view of
using people power to have a say within waterstones.
Let me know if you are interested in helping me put this site together.
Check it out so far.
All the best.


4 thoughts on “How very interesting

  1. Hi Eoin, thanks for this. I’m on myspace too ( as are many other writers and book-related people, including publishers and booksellers (and the odd agent). I added the ottakars group as my friend. It’s interesting, I think, that they are getting this going.

  2. Thanks Eoin – are you on myspace? I’ll add you if you like. I’m trying to get a writers’ forum thing going there. So it’s not so much me shamelessly plugging my book as shooting the breeze with writerly types – or booky types for that matter.

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