To all e-reader doubters everywhere

Turning Tides

The SnowBooks chairman (introduced as just Rob which is nice) has an excellent post on snowblog today. It basically takes the major attacks on e-readers and turns them on their heads. Some points are nicely made too, like:

Complaint: You’ll never get rid of paper books completely.

Answer: Sure. Of course. Why would you? But even selling 30% of new novels electronically would represent a huge shift in the publishing market – and there’s every reason to think it will happen.

Generally a timely post and one I tend very much to agree with. It is also interesting to note that the New York Times’ futurist feels kinda the same way and has some very interesting perspectives like this:

IWM: You helped co-found Outside magazine in 1977. If you were launching a magazine today, what would you do different?

Rogers: Even if my primary goal was a print magazine, I’d build it from the ground up as a Web site first. I’ve done it both ways, and it’s far easier to turn a digital property into a magazine or book than vice versa.

See what I mean?

Enjoying the rainy days almost as much as the sunny ones.