Never look a gift horse in the mouth

So the wordpress folks offered up a wonderful addition to the service: Odeo Embeds

This is really a great resource not least because there are some incredible podcasts available on Odeo. First out of the gate I should say that you simply won’t have time to listen to them all so pick with care, if the shows have RSS feeds, subrscribe with a feed reader that handles RSS enclosures and then choose with some discrimination.

I thought though I would highlight one or two very decent shows you could think about. One that is well worth listening to is The Writing Show and if you listen to the podcast below you will see why it is so useful.

NPR Books is also one of the quality podcasts available on Odeo.
The Penguin Podcasts can be found there too.
For some Auzzie flavour you could look to: Books & Writing

My personal favourite (yes I am something of a nerd) is Bookstore Tourism Podcast. I am pretty sure I have mentioned Bookstore Tourism but just in case I ahve not the homepage for the idea and concept and book is here and the blog here.

Really there is so much out there it is unreal! Much like the blog world it can be hard to find the quality!

Enjoy the search