Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 01/10/06

Eoin Purcell

Is it this far into the year already?

I guess it is!
Blurb has moved out of their beta and will be launching their new blogslurp product very soon. This product sounds intriguing. I would certainly consider the product if they adapt to allow WordPress blogs as they suggest they will soon!

Quality post on citizen journalism, a topic I am currently more than a little hooked on.

I challenge you not to find this amusing, annoying, upsetting, challenging and yet in some ways ever so slightly on some points entirely correct. Good old Guardian.

I know there are many folk out there who like their tea. I do too. Seth Godin, a blogger I very much like has a great lens over at Squidoo on tea at good prices.

This not of use to most people (And not to me yet, but someday) but I do love the idea. I have found transport and public transport in new cities exceptionally frustrating to figure out. Paris and London are great and straight forward. Chicago has an excellent planner but many cities are just hopeless and their websites difficult to navigate. Google seems to be spreading its Google Transit idea further afield and offering a way of getting your towns data up on there!

Glad to be indoors on a day like today!

5 thoughts on “Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 01/10/06

  1. The Guardian piece was amusing and certainly stirred up a few people. The notion of Shakespeare writing while nursing a hangover seemed to do it. Thanks for the link(s) Eoin — I like checking them out!

    Exit, chased by a bear, BL

  2. Love the idea of actual information about getting around cities. When I went to Los Angeles I hired a car (scariest thing I’ve ever done – get in a left-hand drive automatic and set off onto unknown freeways with jet lag) because I find unknown public transport systems even scarier!

  3. I love cities when you arrive first! Finding your way on foot and public transport always seems to me the best way to learn what a city is really like! I mean if you tried to drive in Dublin you would miss so much!
    PS That was very brave Litlove, RESPECT!

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