Links of Interest (At Least to Me) 11/10/06

Oh what a wonderful world. I have been getting really annoyed at the links and links and more links that The Big Bad Book Blog have been serving up (I am conscious of the hypocrisy/irony here) and then today they served up a wonderful piece going in depth into the mysteries of buying/getting front table exposure in superstore Borders.

I found some interesting news today on a newly discovered blog called New Media Trends. The post covers the fascinating changes in the Danish Newspaper industry. Well worth reading and really offers a perspective on what the world of rapid innovation looks like.

Jeff Jarvis posts some nice thoughts on the whole Google/YouTube thing.

Two others that really deserve a look: The Rejecter is a literary agent’s assistant’s blog and Working Towards the Betterment of Publishing is by a government contractor and amateur novelist.

And last but not least: Google Docs & Spreadsheets.



  1. That thing about getting prominent placement on bookshop tables is interesting. I bought fiction for Waterstones in Cambridge many years ago, and at that point I put on the tables the books I personally liked a lot, the ones that sold really well, and the ones people talked about. Publishers were selling to us all the time, but they didn’t put any pressure on to place stuff – probably times have changed since the early 90s! If they wanted us to do a dumpbin then all they had to do was provide it. There was often quite a fight amongst the staff as to who got to take home the lilfesize cardboard figures from such promotional displays!

  2. I had the same sort of experiences at the same time – I managed a few bookshops in the early 90s. Window displays were the really big things for us.

  3. I enjoyed the link to rejector — it was fun to read the rant about writing genre fiction when everyone else in the mfa program was writing “literary” fiction. Thanks Eoin!

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