eoinpurcellsblog.com is here

Eoin Purcell

WordPress Domain Mapping

I have been waiting for this feature for some time and now that it is here and works excellently. There are a few items that might need to be looked out for but the basics should work fine. Just so every knows what is happening I have the details below.

    I have adopted a new web address: http://www.eoinpurcellsblog.com
    My wordpress.com address http://www.eoinpurcell.wordpress.com points to the new domain so youd on’t need to change the address, but if you can it wouldn’t hurt.
    So far so god with the feed service so if you have any trouble please let me know by e-mailing
    eoinpurcellsblog AT gmail.com.

Let’s hope this works well!

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3 thoughts on “eoinpurcellsblog.com is here

  1. I’ve been thinking about doing this myself, owning as I do the domain name “bloglily.com” which, much to my surprise, hasn’t already been snapped up by anyone at all, anywhere! I’m glad to hear this is working so well.

    So, for litlove it would mean that she becomes http://litlove.com rather than the longer http://litlove.wordpress.com and for those who know her in the long form, they’ll simply be directed to litlove.com forevermore.

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