Strange rumbles: Blackwells & Ottakars

Eoin Purcell

Wiley & More

The Wiley acquisition of Blackwells (of which more here) seems to have generated a huge body of interest amongst searchers on the web. My page-views yesterday doubled and the bulk of those views were of the tiny post I had noting the acquisition. Richard Charkin speculates a little and explains more in his blog today.


At first I was puzzled but on consideration it reminded me of a similar scenario with a post I wrote on Ottakars several months ago. It has proven to be an enormous success and has drawn massive search traffic (massive at least in my terms) to the site.

Is it something to do with English Bookstores & Publishing firms? Are they considered more established? Or are English book buyers and writers more attached to their bookish institutions?

I for one do not know but I remain intrigued by the massive interest these topics generate and would welcome any views!

As An Aside:

It is often so hard to know where traffic comes from on the web and thus almost impossible to determine who you are actually reaching (If you doubt me search for traffic stats or page view statistics on the web and see the masses of companies offering services. Why so many if nobody needs or wants them?). There are some very interesting blogs on these topics like Datamining which I heartily recommend visiting from time to time.

Working towards a Happy Christmas (first mention this year, at least here)

One thought on “Strange rumbles: Blackwells & Ottakars

  1. I think it may be something to do with the demise of independent booksellers. People are generally interested in this in a doomsday kind of way. When another family chain falls, people can read into it the loss of a) life as we know it, b) hope for the little folk and c) friendly, personal service. Well, that’s my guess at least.

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