Kagan on Herodotus: Atlantic gains another subscriber

Eoin Purcell

Atlantic Monthly, Borders & Ancient History
Atlantic Monthly is a magazine to which I generally become addicted when I buy a copy. Living in Ireland as I do this has not been very frequently. One product of the arrival of Borders in Ireland however has been their penchant for importing US magazines. I spent an hour and a half in their new Blanchardstown store (the aerial view) on Valentine’s Night (A very understanding and generous girlfriend) and bought the new Atlantic. This morning I decided to pony up the cash and get a yearly subscription. The magazine will now arrive monthly by post and for that I am very grateful.

This all relates to the blog because a truly excellent artilce in the magazine this month by Robert D. Kaplan on Herodotus and his relevance to current times, A Historian For Our Time. It is a wonderful piece and well worth the entire price of the magazine this month. I thought people might be interested to know that you can download a copy of Herodotus’ Histories (with copious notes apparently) or you can look over the list of freely readable titles and find something more to your taste. If course you can download the e-text from Gutenberg too!

Interestingly you can also grab a copy of Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War. And of course e-text here.

Enjoying a little more time!

2 thoughts on “Kagan on Herodotus: Atlantic gains another subscriber

  1. I used to have a hard copy subs to the Atlantic, maybe 4-5 years ago. Had it for 2 years, but cancelled it as it used to arrive further and further after the date of publication. At the time, most of the content was free on the net and by the time I got the magazine I was already 2 issues on.

    Hope your subscription is much more timely!

  2. Tag! You’re it!

    I’ve chosen your site to be “it” in a virtual game of history blog tag.

    For more information, please visit the American Presidents Blog.

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