The Top Ten Blogs on the future of books, media and publishing

Eoin Purcell
    1/ Publishing 2.0
    Scott Karp really does think and it shows. His posts are clear, concise, well written and interesting. If he is driven more perhaps from the revenue perspective his commentary only benefits from this.

    2/ if:book
    The Institute of the Future of the Book’s blog. The Ronseal of Book blogs [It does what it says on the tin], this site is really a hub for changes and possibilities on text and its future. Well thought out, at the forefront of change and tools for change this blog is for theory and application what Scott Karp is for the economics and revenues.

    3/ Buzzmachine
    Jeff Jarvis is the real deal. In a phrase he likes to use himself, he “gets it!” Never afraid to try (witness his own video reports) always encouraging and enthusiastic his blog is one of the most important in point possible directions for the news media (especially the changes necessary for print media).

    4/ Open Access News
    I don’t think you can discuss the changes in media and print without considering Open Access and its potential. If you care about these topics then you need to read Open Access News written by Peter Suber.

    5/ Booktwo
    Though not new, Booktwo is new to me. That aside it is an essential link to the changing technology and media environment. Somehow James manages to get his hands on great links and info before anyone else. And he works at one of my favourite publishers Snowbooks.

    6/ Medialoper
    Medialoper is one of a pair of blogs (booksquare being the other) that I love and read daily. It is not simply the links and nods to others in the area of change that Medialoper provides freely, Medialoper as a blog takes a much more considered perspective and avoids the breathlessness that can at times enter the discussion about the future. I like that.

    7/ Plagiarism today
    Jonathan Bailey has built an impressive body of material regarding copyright/plagiarism and the abuse of content on the web. In so many ways his site allows the reader and the less well informed to not only keep up to date with developments in protecting content from scrapping etc. but also the theory and debate that underpin modern copyright.

    8/ Personanondata
    If you want to know more about the possible tie-ups between the powers in publishing, the potential for data in the digital future or the likely trajectory of digital text in the education market, Michael Cairns’ blog is the spot for it. Relatively new on the scene it is one of the best in terms of analysing and discussing change both real and possible. His knowledge of the US market is hugely useful in making sense of company announcements and strategic decisions.

    9/ PaidContent
    Who doesn’t like PaidContent, a blog that has industry access, runs meet ups and generally functions like an institution much older than it actually is. Not only is PaidContent a blog about the changing nature and economics of Content it is itself a paragon example of that change.

    10/ Invisible Inkling
    Ryan Sholin started this blog as a student of journalism and has developed it since. His posts are insightful and useful for those wondering what the people entering careers in the media are thinking.

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16 thoughts on “The Top Ten Blogs on the future of books, media and publishing

  1. Hi Eoin. Great job on the list. I found a few blogs I didn’t know about before and just added them to my RSS reader. Any chance I could get you to expand the list to 11 and consider adding my blog ( I know, it’s a shameless plug…but I do my best to provide a publisher’s point of view on the current state and future of the industry…

    Either way, keep up the great work — I read your posts regularly as well!

  2. Cheers for the plug Eoin! Honoured to be included in that list. Still not updating as often as I’d like, but what are you going to do?

    Good luck with the move…

  3. Eoin – Thanks for feeding my feed addiction. You’ve given me a few new blogs to add to my regular reads.

    And thanks for including the Loper!

  4. Its a good list, and I can see that I was unaware of some good ones. Suber’s service is great — but why do you miss out Surely not because he is Irish? 🙂 Although the O’Reilly crowd have a broader focus than the future of books and media, they (Tim especially) have a great range of insights for publishers and become the focus of great discussion. I would also vote for Joho (Weinberger) and Charkinblog. Next time it had better be your top 20.

  5. Ryan & Kirk,

    Most welcome, excellent blogs read daily with pleasure.


    It is a funny thing. Somehow I embraced the www in terms of blogging without really paying much attention to Irish blogs, maybe that’s because when I started I didnt see much in teh irish bogosphere that is really central to publishing and the future of the book. Everything that was exciting to me was in the US or the UK. I think that is chaging though and perhaps I justs didnt look hard enough!


  6. Eoin,

    Thank you for the kind words and the number seven spot. I am very honored. That is certainly higher than I would have put my own site.

    As always, let me know if there is anything that I can do to help!

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