It really can be exciting!

Eoin Purcell

Being in books that is
Not least because you meet people who are also in books and you get to talk about them (the books). Now, if you are as nerdy about books as I am you will enjoy something like SlowFire, an initiative led by James Bridle from the wonderful Snowbooks. I have long wondered if there is room for a publishing barcamp and James takes thinking to the doing step and I always find the doing part impressive.

Between starting at Mercier, watching the world of publishing without commenting as heavily as I normally do and listening to some of my co-workers, I am getting exceptionally excited about my industry again. It is so nice to meet like minds (or even not like minds, perhaps those even more so) and to encounter passion for books and writing and for the job of publishing.

I had my first new titles meeting, my first Mercier launch and finalised some details of our year end BLAD this week all of which went much better than might be expected. The welcome has been great and the weather has been spectacular. If only Ireland has this weather all year round.

Enjoying a rest