LibraryThing Early Reviewers feature: Slick!

Eoin Purcell

The more they do the more I like
It is funny that I mentioned Random House Uk yesterday, because today they feature too. LibraryThing has launched a lovely new feature called LibraryThing Early Reviewers.

It’s a pretty Funky Dory idea. I kinda hope it expands. Tim says:

Members should understand what this is, and what it isn’t. We’re going to talk about LibraryThing Early Reviewers, but won’t be pushing Random House’s or anyone else’s books at you. Similarly, getting a free advanced readers copy comes with NO obligation. Under no circumstances will a bad review change your chance of getting another.

If more people want the books than we have copies, we’ll have to ration them. The basic algorithm is randomness, but other factors come into play. We’re going to try to spread the wealth around. And if you complete a review—good or bad!—you’re more likely to get another. Finally, LibraryThing’s matching algorithm will try to match up books with readers, based on the rest of your LibraryThing catalog. For publishers, that’s the interesting part; we’re anxious to see how it turns out.

I can see a couple of big uses here and not just at this late a stage in the publishing process. But I guess that is for the future.

Getting election fever!

Opps: The early version had a slight error in the placing of quotes so please forgive me!

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