Blogging & the Arts in Ireland

Eoin Purcell

Great Morning
Literally out of a fascinating seminar on Blogging and the Arts facilitated by the excellent Annette Clancy and Conn Ó Muíneacháin. I was afraid that it might be a little too focused on the Arts a concept which worries me as a trade publisher but in fact it was enormously practical and based on building profile and engaging in the conversation. I was impressed and felt that we might even have spent a few hours on the ideas around the potential for creating and displaying art online.

There seemed a real hunger to make up for what Annette rightly called (and in my paraphrased way) a deficit in the engagement of the Irish Artistic community online. It got me thinking that one of the missing elements is a more active book blogging community and that perhaps I need to spend some more time on the blog building links and searching for Irish book bloggers. Which reminds me I did recently join the Irish LibraryThingers group (Site down temporarily but I'll update with the link) and ought to spend more time there.

Genuinely enthused

As an aside I thought I'd link to one of the best tools they used at the event which was this incredible video from Commoncraft RSS in Plain English. And BookTwo directed me an interesting place which I thought relevant too!