O’Reilly Tools For Change in Publishing Conference

Eoin Purcell

It would be a lie . . .
If I claimed I wanted to be anywhere other than here from the 18-20 June 2007. Who would not want to attend a conference of this import, attended by such luminaries and discussing such fundamental issues for you industry? The site has some great extra info but there is a nice intro piece:

Technology is transforming publishing. From the way ideas are generated to the packaging of information and delivery of products, technology and change are themes in every aspect of publishing. For publishers, these shifts are taking place so rapidly that it’s challenging to keep current–let alone create new, profitable opportunities.

O’Reilly is launching its first Tools of Change for Publishing (TOC) Conference to raise the level of technology knowledge and discourse among book publishers and to spark conversation and creativity for leading change. The TOC Conference will provide insightful analysis, hands-on workshops, and engaging sessions for book publishers.

Jeff Gomez who is writing a blog to accompany his book Print is Dead: Books in Our Digital Age will be hosting a fascinating session with some of the big guns of the US trade publishers. That is defintely a session I’d be attending if there.

If I could have rustled up the cash and spared the time, I would be there but alas . .