Everybody’s talking about VIDEO

Eoin Purcell

And why not
Isn’t it the hip, happening and trendy thing to do online theses days? They even have an award.

Aren’t we still a little amazed that YouTube was bought by Google for such an incredible chest of money? And isn’t the book world a flurry with news like Simon & Schuster’s new bookvideos.tv.

S&S have been smart. They have set up an accompanying YouTube site to make sure they are with the times.

Personally I don’t quite get the obsession with Book trailers. But who am I to argue with the marketers. if it works then go for it. I just wonder if it actually does. Movie trailers though do. And I say one for Wall E the upcoming pixar movie and cannot wait.

So maybe there is room for good, innovative Book Trailers.

Thinking about it

3 thoughts on “Everybody’s talking about VIDEO

  1. I agree with you on the S&S approach to video, and blogged about it Friday on my Publishing and Media blog, ckwebb.com.

    I’m enjoying your posts on the future of publishing and media and just added you to my RSS reader.

    Chris Webb

  2. Thanks for your feedback on booksvideos.tv. The response was a little overwhelming. This was a beta, but users seem to enjoy our videos about authors — so much better than a jacket read about the person behind the book.
    We also experimented with integreting videos with a blog and maxed Typepad to the max. Would love your UI feedback. It is basically a blog with videos.

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