Irish Publishing & Transworld

Eoin Purcell

I mentioned before
About the challenges of independent publishing in Ireland. Well the news has just broken about Transworld entering the Irish market:

Transworld has revealed plans to set up a new subsidiary company in Ireland, headed by Eason’s head buyer Eoin McHugh. Transworld Ireland will launch with its first list in 2008, focusing on Irish writers or books about Irish issues. McHugh, who joins the company as publisher in September, will report to senior publishing director Francesca Liversidge.

Good for them. Eoin McHugh is pretty well known in the trade (Easons controls a lots the booksales so he would be) and respected too. Looks like a good move on their part to hire him. It will be interesting to see their first list in 2008.


Just for the laugh: here is the Hoff @ an Easons signing.