Downright impressed with this: Feedbooks

Eoin Purcell

I was lead to this video & blog by the continuing debate I mentioned previously and which Mark Thwaite of the Book Depository (I love shopping there and intend to shop there more) continues on The Booksellers new blog section.

Now the system strikes me as like xFruits, a similar service that has launched to weak enough take off (perhaps it was a little ahead of its time/has a difficult time getting readership and thus publishers/has no revenue model attached). The site lists only 13620 xfruiters!

It may be an old idea executed well but it is very cool even so!

Which reminds me. You can find my own blog in a nice little PDF here.

Remembering the coolness of reading one’s own words on a nicely formatted pdf!

2 thoughts on “Downright impressed with this: Feedbooks

  1. Hey Eoin,

    Thanks for the link to my piece at The Bookseller — appreciate it.

    I think this is all still about offline to online (and back again) conversions … offline and online are no longer seperate spheres and can’t be thought of as such. Authors have to blog, and bloggers are increasingly writing for regular periodicals and turning their blogs into books. Its two-way traffic, which is all good!


  2. Mark,

    No problem, its a good piece and highlights a topic that is really interesting.

    I agree that the spheres are merging and The Bookselelr blog is a good example of it. I agree too that it is good.

    I wonder though where it will all end?

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