Exact Editions for book publishers

Eoin purcell

And Google should be worried
Had time allowed this week, i was hoping to do a quick comparison of online book services. As it happens I am glad I didn’t have that time because Adam Hodgkin over at Exact Editions has announced something I have know about but not been able to talk about for a little bit, Exact Editions for Book Publishers:

We have for some weeks been testing how Exact Editions works as a promotional service to book publishers and the first customisation is now in the open for Berkshire Publishing at http://www.exacteditions.com/berkshirepublishing.

The service looks great and I think the control it offers publishers is an enormous plus in its favour. You should go spend a little time checking it out. There is more from Berkshire too:

This platform provides fast searching of text, maps, captions, and index, as well as extensive linking within the text. We’re providing access to the complete volumes for this limited introductory period.

Overall I am impressed

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