Words to freak you out by . .

Eoin Purcell

Not so long ago David McWilliams gave the Irish book industry a real kicking an walked away with huge sales and great hype with: The Pope’s Children (Published by Gill & MacMillan)

Now he is kicking the whole economy (and it needs it) with The Generation Game> Some frankly terrifying lines from todays second episode in the three part TV series that accompanies it:

    – All the world’s botox is made in Westport
    – The MAC Store in Dublin Airport is the 6th biggest MAC store (by revenue) in the World
    – We are now the biggest foreign property investors in the UK
    – Last year we invested 60 tomes more overseas properties than we did in high tech start ups

I think this book will go well too!

It is a good series.

2 thoughts on “Words to freak you out by . .

  1. I agree with you that Williams will do well with the book – I think he’s really engaging and has a lot to say but it’s hard work trawling through the clichés to get there. Why does he work so hard to be so clever when what he’s saying stands on its own two feet? Maybe Economists are a bit insecure about themselves?

  2. I think there is a trend for cool books by economists: Freakonomics, The Undercover Economist, More Sex Is Safer Sex: The Unconventional Wisdom of Economics and many more.

    David is very full of himself and the cliches and naming stuff is very fancy dancy but it seems to work! I think that makes it all a little more approachable!


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