Richard Charkin leaves MacMillan for Bloomsbury

Eoin Purcell

ByeBye Charkinblog
Times they are a changing. Bloomsbury announced that Richard Charkin will join them as executive Director on 1st October:

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc has today appointed Richard Charkin an Executive
Director of the Company with effect from 1 October 2007.

Richard joins the team with responsibility for operations worldwide and with
particular focus on spearheading growth through acquisitions, new publishing
areas and international expansion.

MacMillan also commented and as you might expect, Richard had some words for his own blog:

What it means is that I won’t have to think of something to write about every morning on this blog. Just for the record we’ve had 1,137,267 visitors and generated $338.37 in advertising income. More importantly I’ve made new friends, learned tons and had fun. Thanks to all of you and pip pip from charkinblog.

As if to seal the deal, comments are closed on the post.

Seems like a good move to me

3 thoughts on “Richard Charkin leaves MacMillan for Bloomsbury

  1. Since comments are closed on the Charkin blog, are we still allowed to comment here? Or is there a general Charkin fatwah?Good luck to the Charkinblog in its new home, and surely he is going to continue his postings. The Purcell blog scarcely missed a beat when its author moved to a new publisher… I wonder if the Charkin move may be slightly more dislocated. Will it become a bit more of a Hogwarts blog with rather less of the ex-colonial inheritance that cropped up in the Macmillan context? Rather more quidditch and less cricket?

  2. I doubt that Richard could forgo the cricket commentary!
    he is in something of a pickle as the blog was hosted on macmillan territory as it were!
    I guess he could export the index and upload it etc etc but what a bother than would be!

  3. Hmmm.
    Looks like an excellent move to grab experience such as his.
    Bloomsbury’s backlist is impressive, although I’ve ofter felt they fail to dop as well with it as say, Picador have done, Penguin with their excellent well designed promotions, or Vintage even, as of late.
    Perhaps the imput of a new mind onto this will solidify their position post Harry?

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