Courting trouble: Macmillan US launches the “Mac” blog

Eoin Purcell

Holtzbrinck in the US is now Macmillan US
And they have a spiffy new website to go along with it all. From the about pages:

Macmillan is the new face of a company with a rich history in the publishing industry. The adult trade collection comes from a distinctive conglomerate of leading publishing imprints. Macmillan’s other primary focuses are on educating the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow with its college and academic titles, and magazines and journals.

I have to say I like the site and its clean open design. The change of names makes sense to me but it is hard to know how Americans will take it. I do have one issue.

Maybe it’s just me
But does it seem wise to call your blog the Mac Blog? It is not just that Apple might have an issue with it it is also because when you Google Mac Blog this is what you get. yes over time that will shift mildly over time but MacMillan will never compete in that territory, that much should have been obvious from the get go!

What is worse, even typing Macmillan Blog brings up rakes of other stuff, not least of which is Richard Charkin’s now defunct MacMillan UK blog and a post of mine about Richard’s departure!

The blog:

will be written by a number of executives and influencers from across the Macmillan family of companies and imprints, including adult trade, children’s, college and academic, and magazine publishing.

Good luck to them, the site is nice, it deserves attention

One thought on “Courting trouble: Macmillan US launches the “Mac” blog

  1. See what you mean, and not to mention “big macs” (McDonalds) etc. It will be interesting to see if the “executives and influencers” who are going to be writing on this new blog match the personality of the much-missed Charkin blog — as you say, time will tell.

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