A real business model: Dailylit’s Pay-Per-Read

Eoin Purcell

The Bookseller reports:

DailyLit, the service that delivers daily installments of books via email or RSS feeds, has launched its Pay-Per-Read program. Thanks to agreements with publishers including Perseus Books Group, the University of Michigan Press, The Globe Pequot Press, E-Reads and Baen Books, readers can get installments of new and bestselling titles in addition to public domain books.

DailyLit has more detail here like the full list of books available and confirms the price scale too:

The Pay-Per-Read titles will add 30+ books to DailyLit�s current listing of 500+ titles. Each complete book is priced from $4.95 to $9.95, with the majority of books available for under $5.00.

A better model
To me this seems a much better long term bet than the dramatic but (to my mind) ultimately ineffective effort by Radiohead which has drawn so much comment in recent weeks (more here). For one thing Radiohead’s model will work for Radiohead and maybe a couple of dozen other acts leaving everyone else to soak up the dregs.

There is promise in this one.

Impressed by this book
PS You can read the DailyLit blog here
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