It’s already christmas out there!

Eoin Purcell

Bookshops and booksales
I spent a lot of time over the weekend and the early part of the week in bookshops. They are crazy. It feels like christmas has started early. There is no evidence to support this really. Maybe it will show in the bookscan figures next week but overall Bookscan doesn’t seem too hectic:

But all the same the piles are high, the big books seem to be released already. Walking around the bookstores I was struck by the incredible array of titles, the strength of everyones books and the feeling that the January sales would be truly excellent next year. Because there just cannot be as many winners as there are books. There are some great titles that will fail. This year is going to see a very competitive struggle I suspect.

I can only hope that Mercier do well, though with its great Christmas list I suspect it will. Here’s my favourite:

Hidden Dublin

Enjoying a rush (the thrill of the game perhaps)