Enough of the fire puns already people

Eoin Purcell

When will it stop?
The Kindle comment. What surprises me is the mixed tenor. Some people love it (Guy Kawasaki) others hate it (Jeff Jarvis)

“You’ll find it’s as easy as reading your favourite book!”

I’m quoting the promo video there. Talk about making the case for the printed word. Why would I spend $400 to simulate something that is easy?

I’m pretty sure I hate it but I AM intrigued by this:

Welcome to Digital Text Platform
Digital Text Platform is a fast and easy self-publishing tool that lets you upload and format your books for sale in the Kindle Store.

And if you are interested in a non-biased by emotion review (and who would be) try 37Signals who are planning to review Kindle based on having a real one to hand. Novel.

Still underwhelmed but worried because this might actually be an important step if you believe Michael Hyatt,

4 thoughts on “Enough of the fire puns already people

  1. There’s nothing like the kinesthetic pleasure of having a book in your hand. Although I read papers online from time to time the weekend papers must be real rather than virtual and i like my books the same way – I will never surrender to the kindle…

  2. This reminds me of the argument for candle light. Who can argue with the aesthetics? But do you want to go totally off the grid. I don’t think so. Books, like candles, will always be around, but they will be largely replaced by more efficient delivery systems.

  3. Michael,

    I don’t buy that candle comparison. Electricity was a manifestly improved offering:
    – It powered more than just lights (eg it heat water and houses)
    – It was more reliable and gave better light than candles
    – It was flexible and could be tailored to specific needs

    While for some things, digital screens are far better for the pure pleasure of reading alone, paper hits pretty much all the spots.

    Newspapers, magazines, short and long journal articles, learning, heavy and scientific non-fiction, data of all sorts, these things will almost assuredly be digital without exception.

    But novels, fiction and popular non-fiction will resist and I believe successfully so, digital editions for many years. Sure there will be both editions available but i suspect the digital product will be the minor element.


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