Reasons to love blog stats: Hol Art Books

Eoin Purcell

Looking over my logs (as I assure you I rarely do)
I came across a link from this blog:

Now under development, Hol Art Books is a startup publisher dedicated to enjoyable, engaging and enlightening writing on visual art. In a wholly unique approach to publishing, we are creating
a user-driven bibliography of art literature and building the tools for readers, booksellers, authors and other publishers to add, categorize, share and even publish new work within that resource.

This website is both a presentation of our emerging company and a prototype for its future. But it’s just the first step. If you would be interested in joining Hol as a partner, investor, advisor, or project participant, please contact me. Your participation is encouraged.

Thank you,

The site is pretty simple but also nicely packed with info and detail. Well worth checking out.

Exciting like kindle isn’t,

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