Excuse me while I RAMBLE

Eoin Purcell

I don’t normally post about my job here
But sometimes it is worthwhile. I have just received signed contracts in the post, signed yesterday* and they made me extremely happy.

GRANDAD is writing a book for Mercier Press

I have been a reader of Head Rambles for a while now and love it. I have been thinking for some time that if we didn’t snap him up someone else would, so I e-mailed him and asked him to write a book with us. He has agreed. If you read his post about it (here) you begin to understand why I am so pleased.

If all goes to plan we will publish the book (tentatively titled: Rambles With Grandad) in Spring 2009.

Pleased as pie,

*Which puts paid tot hose nasty rumours that An Post is now taking 4 days to deliver letters from one end of the island to the other.

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