Eoin’s Top Picks For Christmas (not many, but quality)

Eoin Purcell

If you are the bah humbug type* this post will annoy you

With only 14 shopping days left till Christmas I thought it might be nice to supply a few of my recommended books (With legitimate exceptions) for all. Listed in order of enjoyment/recently enjoyed by my count and expected enjoyment for others (a complicated logarithm I think you’ll agree) I have included extra information and buying links**:

1) HIDDEN DUBLIN: DEADBEATS, DOSSERS & DECENT SKINS (Frank Hopkins): As I have mentioned before I love history and Dublin history is so full of curious incidents, accidents, figures and characters that it makes for fascinating reading.
Buy it HERE

2) COOKING WITH BOOZE (The Right Hon. George Harvey Bone, Esq.): I like cooking an awful lot and GHB makes it fun too. Check out the videos he has made covering some of the wonderful recipes.
Buy it HERE

3) THE LOOKING GLASS WAR (John Le Carré): This is my first Le Carré though, as you will see below, I am already a fan by TV series. I will be buying more for sure. I loved this book. Tense, exciting, human and all the time terribly real, this book turned out to be so much more than I expected.
Buy it HERE

4) TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY: The BBC has one of the finest back catalogues known to TV and this is one of the best. A spy thriller about spying on spies, with one of the scariest good guys of all time George Smiley (Played wonderfully by Alec Guinness) a man who seems harmless on the surface but has a deep steeliness to him. I am looking forward to reading the book but as I have only watched the series that is what I will recommend.
Buy it HERE

5) THE REMINDER by Feist (Music): The news that Feist has been nominated for four Grammy’s didn’t surprise me much. I have become slightly obsessed by this Canadian singer. Quite frankly she is fabulous, perhaps not as good as Final Fantasy but certainly more accessible.
Buy it HERE
And watch this:

Five quality number I think you will agree. Oh and I think it’s time for the Christmas theme!

*(Perfectly reasonable I think sometimes)
**(As I have no associates accounts or anything like that there is no value to me if you use the buying links or choose not to, I’m just putting them there for convenience)

7 thoughts on “Eoin’s Top Picks For Christmas (not many, but quality)

  1. There now, I bought an early album by Feist and wasn’t too sure about it. Of course now I can’t recall the name. But I liked her voice and some of the tracks were really cool. I think it’s the French influence that troubles me – French lit, fab; French music, often not so fab. I’d be more than ready to try the latest album, however.

  2. Hello Litlove,

    I now have three albums! Which for me is a nearly a record. I like the French influence. It has its moments of naf for sure but pays off in the end!

  3. “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” is an absolutely terrific book. I wish I could read it again without knowing the ending – though over the years I think I’ve read it four times now, and each time it has remained great, even when I knew what was coming. The BBC series is also great, but the book, the BOOK…(and really, the trilogy)!

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